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       KJR Load pilot Provides services for load pilots, the profession that guides over dimensional loads on the road.
The company uses software to manage business processes.  Work load is managed by a product called "Compliance Engine".

       The engine is part of a suite of software specifically designed for any industry that has the need for compliance by software design partnership SoftPart.  The engine uses a set of tools based on the principles of operating-system design, to provide business solutions.

       Pilots in the group communicate with their base by means of voice and simple easy-to-use wireless broadband devices.  Users are presented with pull-down choices where possible but can easily supply measurements when needed.  As work progresses through the system, it accumulates data suitable for costings and marketing analysis.

       Booking clients supply the request which is entered in the system.  Where possible, choices are automated based on defaults.  The user is given a choice of plans for their booking.  Plans are supplied as part of the standard package, or built specifically for the job.  The choice of a plan creates a collection of tasks as defined in the plan.

       Tasks have access to people, documents, addresses, costings, dates and times collected and generated by the booking.  The choice of pilot is based on skill, availability and roster. The system uses round-robin scheduling with increasing priority to arbitrate fairness and allocation.