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Karl J Rudolph

Chairman of the Board.  Director.

Certified Pilot Class 1; based in West Auckland.
Consultant specializing in certified pilot and traffic operation compliance.
Co-developer of SoftPart Compliance Engine.


Investigation of load pilot procedures and compliance statute lead to the promotion and development of the Compliance Engine in partnership with Adrian Picot.
nsurance policy requirements are a component of our business.
We have developed compliance engine to meet the needs of pilots using the latest in software tools.


Manager for the Central Auckland branch of the IHC.  1985-1987.
Auckland Co-operative Taxi, limousine and luxury mini-van driver.  1987-1991.
Co-Developer of the Corporate Cabs brand as a foundation operator of this company.  1989-1991
Taxi inspector and compliance manager for Dial-a-Cab , with responsibility for the compliance of 440 vehicles and reporting to the LTSA . 1991-1998
Operations Manager, Inspector and Investigator for Black Cabs.  1998-2000,
NZ Taxis 2000-2002.

Consultant specializing in taxi compliance and complaints with a history of over 200 investigations reporting to the LTSA.
Total taxi compliance experience of 20 years:  1987-2008.

Community: Maori Warden.  Justice Department appointed friend at court.  Youth and Community Worker.

Interests : Fishing, Organic Products, Traffic Safety, Sustainable Operations and Compliance.